A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote,
A dark storm raging

This may come as a shock to you all...

...but I'm actually gonna try and talk in this journal. I know, it's revolutionary.

I don't have an interesting job, or an interesting personal life. I don't have that many deep thoughts. But dammit, I have one hell of a crafting life, and that certainly makes for a fun subject once you get me going. So this is the place I'm going to let myself do that. Knitting. (Jerm, look for an update on your scarf sometime soon!) A wee bit of cross-stitch. I'm still writing mostly fanfic (as always, drop me a line if you want to know where I'm posting that), but if I turn out any original short fiction I'll put it up here. Fanvids. And ponies. Oh, the ponies. I cannot post all my WIP photos tonight, as Photobucket is giving me crap, but watch this space.

Talking, on my journal. Imagine that.

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