A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote,
A dark storm raging

I know, I know, I suck at the whole "I'm gonna start updating more!" thing. I have excuses! Most of which do boil down to "I suck at this," granted, but they are excuses. There have been weather and learning-curve delays on the ponies, "I am working on a zillion projects at once and therefore the progress on them is visible only to me" delays on the knitting, and "I lost my camera for a while" delays on everything. But I found my camera and I have gotten a tiny bit of visible work done on some of my more spectacular projects, and thus here I am.



The skirt on the first Angel is coming together in bits and pieces. I think I've got about two stages left on the fabric folds, plus any little touch-ups that become necessary, and then I'll be able to start the bodice and the wings. The wings have alrady been pre-formed a little, but I can't attach them until I get more of the body work done or they'll just be in the way. And I'm still kinda dreading the hair, not to mention the bigger amount of work I need to do on the second Angel.

(By the by, in those pictures the pony is standing on top of a library copy of How To Train Your Dragon. I do not recommend it. It's one of those where the film is based off it in name only, and the film is vastly better.)

In addition, but without photos yet because I may have found my camera but that doesn't mean I'm much good with it, I have done my first almost-sucessful airbrush base coat. I say 'almost-successful' because there are a couple drippy bits if you know where to look, and another place or two that I had to touch up later with a manual brush. It's all about thinning the paint to the proper consistency; once I master that I will be unstoppable.

Yeah, I know the ponies aren't everyone's bag. But there's at least one project that I know one of you is dying for an update on, and my million miles of garter stitch are well underway.


This is The Scarf as of last week; I have since finished a couple more stripes, and there are also a few more inches that aren't visible in the picture because they're keeping it anchored to the top of the fridge. That's a standard-sized refrigerator, just shy of six feet tall. I had to stand about ten feet away just to get the entire scarf in the shot.

It's about one-third finished. This may take a while.

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