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I have not been neglecting my little baby craftblog. I have been neglecting my crafting. And with good reason: Since the beginning of the year, I have spent most of my free time doing a deep clean of my room (like, "virtually everything in here was out in the hall at some point so I could clean under/around it and I lost count of the garbage bags" deep), a little painting, some rearranging of old furniture, and assembly of new furniture. And all with one aim: A dedicated art space.


This behemoth is taller than me, and only takes up slightly less floor space than my bed. It is huge, it is beautiful, and it is perfect. There's an excellent amount of work space, which includes room enough for two lamps -- a halogen lamp for work that needs normal light and an OttLite for painting details and matching colors -- an iPod dock, reference materials, and multiple works in progress.


Each step of the pony customizing process has its own shelf, and they're in ascending order so the stuff I need first (and usually take the longest on) is on the bottom shelf and within easy reach. Paints first, then sculpting supplies, then hair and rooting tools, then sealants and finishing touches and everything that doesn't fit on the shorter shelves. The shelf on the far right is for miscellaneous embellishments, and the shelf at the top center will eventually be a display showcase.

The hand lotion, hair conditioner, and dental floss are all important parts of the process. No, really.

Not shown: The top of the hutch, which houses my entire Discworld collection because otherwise it would eat my bookshelf alive.

But those photos are from a couple weeks ago, before I really started working at my desk. Here's a picture of how it looks now:


Yes, that's a Doctor Who book and a sonic screwdriver. I did say there was room for reference materials.


Some of my current works in progress, minus a couple heads. (You can see them drying on my music stand in the previous picture.) Nothing all that interesting to see on them yet, although that mask came out nicely. The brown pony was my first successful attempt at an airbrushed base coat. The orange pony was my first unsuccessful one; in this picture he had just been stripped of a very streaky and patchy paint job. Poor thing.


Do not mourn for Minty. We can rebuild her. We have the sculpting compound. Oh, this one's gonna be fun.

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