A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote,
A dark storm raging

Slowly but surely...

Ever hit a point in a project where every single next step you could possibly take is very difficult and frustrating, so they're all going really slow? Yeah, that's me right now.


Liz has her hair now, as unwieldy as it is at the moment. Here you can see a little of what I was talking about in my last entry when I mentioned my "order of operations"; her neck seam is mostly covered by the collar on her shirt, so her hair had to be put in before her head got popped back on. That is, obviously, not her actual hairstyle, it's just knotted up for now so it's out of the way during the sculpting. I was hoping to get some photos or maybe even a video of the hairing process, but that's one of those things it's hard to do by yourself. The current plan is to talk a local friend or relative into doing some camera work for me next time I get to that stage.

You can see that her shirt has been sculpted in two halves; this was so I could get the little wrinkles around where her belt will be to fall properly without having a huge amount of extra clay distorting the belt once it's placed on top. Obviously the belt and gun holsters are the next step, along with the ruffly fringe around her collar (which is the part that's got me stalled and frustrated right now). After that, all that's left is to paint her, style her hair, and sew her cape.


Bob is starting to take shape; here you can see that his legs have been reattached and I've put in the guide wires for his wings. His head has also been completed, minus the hair (which can't be sculpted until after his head is mounted on his neck), but I'm holding off on photographing his finalized face until you can get the full effect of the whole body. Could be a while.

And his dormant twin, whom you have only seen the barest flashes of? I have to admit, I've made zero progress on him. And why, you ask? Because the next thing that has to be sculpted is his hair, and I have tried four times to get it right and think I'm getting worse every time. But someone has turned me on to a slightly different approach, using oven-bake clay instead of the chemical-cure compound I usually prefer to work with, so that will at the very least give me better working time to experiment with. If I can make something happen with that I'll try for step-by-step pics.


I say "Doctor Who ponies" and show you that picture, you know right away where I'm going with it. Yes, this is going to be my TARDIS pony, the simplest possible representation of the most complex character on the show. She is, unfortunately, in stasis right now (as are all my WIPs who need airbrushing) because the wind and the humidity just aren't conducive to painting outside right now. But soon. Very very soon.

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