A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote,
A dark storm raging

Sweet merciful pony gods, she is done. Her Majesty Elizabeth the Tenth, ruler of Starship UK in 3297.





I've already detailed some of my frustrations with her, so I'm not going to belabor the point. No sense in complaining about not getting perfection when I'm so approving of what I did end up achieving, from her tiny little gun handles to her piles of messy-but-not-tangled curls.


And then of course there's the accessories.



The cloak is entirely hand-stitched, and made off a pattern of my own design. The fabric is a middling-quality red velvet I found on a clearance rack at Hancock for about two bucks a yard and which turned out to be unexpectedly nice to work with. The hood was the hardest part to design, as it had to be disproportionately deep in order to accomodate her hair. There were many prototypes made of scrap fabric before I attempted anything with the "real" stuff. And while the pattern is pretty specific to this pose, if I can scan the pieces in properly I'm going to try to make it available as a jumping-off point for other customizers.

The mask, like the one on the show, is perfectly sculpted to her face. Or the face of one of her clones in this case; part of the reason that I chose this pose for Liz is that I had another identical bait in my box. I covered that one's face with a thin coat of petroleum jelly and sculpted the mask directly over it, which let me fit it to her exactly without having to worry about anything sticking to the pony permanently. A little soap and water took the petroleum jelly off both mask and pony with no residue and no ill effects.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I got some new photography equipment for Christmas, and you may be able to see a slight uptick in the quality of my photos. I'm using the Portable Photography Studio from Thinkgeek, and while I haven't gotten it totally fine-tuned yet I'm impressed with the results so far. Most of the improvement is invisible to you, the reader, as the really significant benefit was how few bad photos I took in my quest to get these good ones.

So that's one Series Five pony down, seven to go. Liz is looking a little lonely on my shelf right now, but I won't let that last for very long.

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