A dark storm raging (tabbyclaw) wrote,
A dark storm raging

The Dire Ravenstag!

Now that he is safe in his new home and pictures of him are gonna explode all over social media, I'm making a blog entry for the semi-secret project I've been working on since June: My Little Ravenstag.

Backstory first: I've been a fan of cleolinda for years, and, knowing that she's fond of her My Little Ponies, last year I offered to make a custom for her. We toyed with ideas for a while, and in the comments for one of her Hannibal recaps I suggested that I could totally make a Dire Ravenstag pony.

It turns out this was a brilliant idea.

 photo stagdsfinal_zps38b3ef2b.jpg


 photo stagndsfinal_zpsff19f91e.jpg

I know I weighed him at some point after all the sculpting was done, but apparently I didn't write it down. I can tell you, however, that less than a third of his current mass is original pony plastic.

 photo stagprofilefinal_zps2b5a6d78.jpg

Every single feather was individually hand-sculpted and placed. I have no idea how many there are; I tried to count them several times and kept losing my place.

 photo stagbuttfinal_zps0bd53b2b.jpg

A biologist friend (who doesn't watch the show and had no frame of reference) complimented me on the accuracy of his tailfeathers. This is not the most unexpected compliment my work has ever gotten, but it's up there.

 photo brainfamily_zps3f38b7b6.jpg

And here he is with his entire family of little surprises that I snuck into the package. Winston was a Schleich figure (you know, the ones that are hidden over by the educational toys and occasionally show up at craft stores) who got a total repaint. I did have a brief moment of checking out the other dogs to see if one of them could be modded into the little one with the underbite, but then I realized that if I did that I'd end up trying to do all the dogs and it would never end. The Brain Raccoon came with a current-generation My Little Pony I bought for customizing some time ago (and still haven't gotten around to). I laughed for about a minute straight when I saw him sitting on my desk and realized how perfect he was for this role.

 photo workbench_zpsd535bff2.jpg

Just for fun, the closest I was gonna get to a Wound Man picture. Every one of those tools got used in his construction in some capacity. And if you'd like to see a bit of his construction, click here for some of the photos I took as I was making him.
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