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Oh hey, look who still exists.

There's really no spectacular reason for me not having updated in so long, nor is there one for me coming back. It was just time. I'm feeling better overall than I have in a long time for a lot of little reasons, which means I'm both getting more into creative stuff again and wanting to talk about it more. And in this case, as has become the norm on this journal, I'm gonna talk about ponies.

First off, the Doctor Who set that I've been working on for so long has gone on hiatus. I do fully intend to get back to them someday, but I don't know yet when that someday will be. Again, it's a lot of little reasons, but the most significant is that I just really needed to do something different for a while. Conceptually, at least; the new set is still all fandom ponies, but designed differently. Nonhuman skintones. Everything painted rather than sculpted. Cutie marks instead of clothes. Basically, turning the characters into ponies instead of my usual method of turning the ponies into characters.

And they're all the newer, smaller G4 ponies, instead of my usual G3s. This is more than a little daunting.

 photo baits_zps3ha2ymqs.jpg

My latest crop of victims, in various states of deconstruction. And G4s require a lot of deconstruction compared to older generations, especially the princesses and Shining Armor, one of each of which is being used in this project.

One or two of you have probably already recognized the symbol on the blue pony in the back, and you're either perking your ears up or sighing. It's exactly what it looks like: I'm doing Fullmetal Alchemist ponies.

 photo eaheadsculpt_zpssfjznlx5.jpg

Starting with the obvious (although it's not where I started when making them), Al and Ed. You can see that Al has a completely different head structure from all the other ponies, and his body (down in front and to the left in the previous picture) is different to match. His base is a Shining Armor, the first and only boy pony brushable since G2, chosen because he's significantly larger and bulkier than the standard ponies. Also because the thought of turning Shining Armor into a literal suit of armor amused me. I am a simple woman. You can see here that I couldn't resist a little sculpting, as I couldn't imagine Al's face without the visor band. The stalk of tinfoil poking out of his head is keeping a hole open while I sculpt a fill for the recess his hair was glued into and work out a casing for his plume.

Ed is also getting some sculpting, altering the shape of his muzzle. I'm taking the pony part of my character design from the Friendship Is Magic series aesthetic, and the muzzles on the male characters are blockier than on the females. Making them both unicorns is also inspired by the series; as magic-users, unicorns are the nearest equivalent the universe has to alchemists. Ed is going to have sculpted wings as well, for reasons that will be explained when I get there.

 photo headstand_zpsqb0vnssh.jpg

The other three heads, mounted on a stand my dad surprised me with. The finished posts are fixed and ideal for holding heads in between coats of paint, or while styling hair. The unfinished ones are loose for holding the heads while airbrushing. The two in front were the first ponies I decided to do: Roy and Riza. Roy's another example of the resculpted 'male' muzzle, and another unicorn alchemist. The princess in the back, well, we'll get to her.

 photo meyetest_zpsf6rnuvbt.jpg

Part of doing anime-inspired ponies is getting the eyes right. I spent ages going over the existing eye indents with a pencil, trying to reshape them properly.

 photo meyecompare_zpskwzylhww.jpg

I think I did a decent job.

 photo mustangcircle_zpscc3zuka0.jpg

I'm also pleased as hell with the transmutation circle. Some of my best detail painting, I'd say.

 photo mwatch1_zpsm4v4fgtk.jpg

All the ponies are getting two symbols each, an "affiliation" mark and a more personal one. Roy's affiliation mark is obviously his State Alchemist pocketwatch, and once I'm done it will be wreathed in fire for the Flame Alchemist.

 photo reyecompare_zpsmqulu9gx.jpg

Riza I have gotten far less done on, mostly because I'm on her second body. Lesson learned the hard way: G4 plastic doesn't take kindly to repeated encounters with acetone, which is why none of the baits in the first picture have their paint stripped. This is not the greatest picture, because me and my terrible photography skills are trying to show a white eye outlined in faint grey pencil on an ivory pony, but you still get the idea. She's going to be a pegasus, because how do you not make a character named 'Hawkeye' a pegasus. She's also going to have the scariest paint job I've ever done, but more on that as I get to it.

And that's what I've been doing these days. Hopefully I'll stick to it and have more to update you with fairly soon.

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