August 5th, 2001


FEST report, day 1

A week after I get back and I finally get around to telling my stories. I'm still very much Post-FEST-Depressed, so watch for falling schmoop.


There's a 4:00 in the morning now? What fool thought that one up? That's how early I had to get up to drive to Phoenix and catch my flight to Denver. It wasn't all bad, though. I got to have breakfast with Dad at the airport, and we don't talk enough anymore. The flight was uneventful, except that my seatmate, who couldn't have been younger than 15, called me "ma'am." Do I really look like a ma'am? No, don't answer that. Please.

Landing at the airport was equally uneventful. However, finding the shuttle waiting area was a trip. Whoever designed the map on their webpage is obviously insane. But I finally found it, and spent about an hour waiting. And when the shuttle finally arrived, I noticed that one of the other passengers was carrying a pinata shaped like a shoe. This, I said to myself, cannot be a coincidence. Sure enough, once I finally got the guts to ask she turned out to be Serin, a fellow OBSSEr and the first one I met. She says the drive up was pretty. I was asleep.

There they were. The myths. The legends. The crazies.

The Elders.

People so neat and scary and awe-inspiring that you have no qualms about having to wear a huge "FEST Virgin" button all weekend because they asked you to. I think registration was less scary than navigating the complex pathways to my room, then coming back and seeing everyone crowded into the lounge. My usual greeting: "Hi! I want to apologize now for forgetting your name in five minutes." But I surprised myself with my memory. I remembered some names for ten minutes.

By the time I got used to being called "Tabby" to my face, it was time for dinner. Which meant Mexican food, more meet-and-greets, and lots of pictures. But the real shocker came after dinner when, as Skull had so astutely figured out, the virgins got raffled off. Fortunately, though, Adrianne is the nicest person I've ever had the joy of being forced to play minion to.

After that, it all starts to blur together. I know there was Festvivor, which I will explain at a later date, there were videos, which included the "Mary" video that makes me cry, and there was pie. Lots and lots of pie. And then there might have been sleep. I'm not too sure about that one.
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