November 5th, 2001


A forgotten comment...

Phoebe is the cutest little kitten currently in existence. (This count, of course, does not include Milady at that age.) She's teeny enough to hide behind the 3-inch-tall ledge between the pool table and the dining room. I love kittens (who doesn't? Even if they are stupid currency!), and she's no exception. Soft, medium-haired, and light gray with wildcat streaks on her face. She doesn't even squeak like Milady did when she was a kitten, she just kind of makes little noises. And on the subject of Milady, she's very much not happy. I guess it's going to be a few more months of playing "you're-still-the-favorite."

UPDATE: It has become clear that Phoebe is a Harry. (Or Harrison, as I insist on calling him) It's notoriously hard to tell with kittens.