December 18th, 2001


It's over.

Scuppers is dead.

I hated seeing her suffer, but I'm glad she stayed long enough for me to see her and say goodbye. Some part of me will always hate my parents for not giving me that opportunity with Draco.

In something of a blessing of timing, the life cycle was the theme behind our show this year. I popped in my Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young CD, and in the back of my mind I can hear Rees reminding us that we have all been here before. "Every living thing goes through four stages: it's born, it grows, it reproduces, and it dies."

It's helping a little.
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Because I feel entitled to not let this go.

Still no response. I'm losing patience, and I really have no idea how to react to that.

I'm going to write now. Maybe adding some history to a purr-worthy guy like 'Vael, who's picking up a little of Spike's voice and uneven demeanor as I go, will offer some sort of distration or something.
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    Some sort of warped Christmas thingy.