January 20th, 2004


Guess what I did yesterday.

I finally finished "Starship Titanic." You know, that computer game I got for Christmas four years ago? Every time I got close to the end we got a new computer, or "Riven," or some other item that made finishing difficult. But I finally did it. Mild "enh" at the ending, but the credits ("Special thanks to His Excellency the Emperor Palpatine"! Heee!) made me giggle.

Stuff I did today:
-went to my one class of the day and immediately earned the instructor's love by picking up on the bit of the poem that she wanted to discuss, but didn't think the class would notice.
-made a "throw-everything-in-the-pan" cilantro-lime shrimp that had to be tasted to be believed. Heavenly.
-Got bit by the iconning bug. Nothing to show for it yet, but I've got a couple "Joan of Arcadia" ones planned that I think will look quite nice.

And now I have to go so I can invent a traumatic experience so I can write my "deeply personal" first assignment for the poetry class taught by the moron. Yay.