March 10th, 2004


One of the very, very few things in this country to which I will cry "Female repression!"

Kotex, maker of uncomfortable pads, has just unveiled their newest advancement in feminine hygeine: pads with less crinkly wrappers. They're more discreet, you see, so nobody has to know you're on your period. And the fact that anyone even considers this an issue pisses me the hell off.

Now, I will not hesitate a moment in saying that I despise my period. It's a damn nuisance, and oftentimes a literal pain. But you know what? It's a completely natural biological function, and my only options for stopping it involve drugs or surgery. The idea that I should be in any way ashamed or embarrassed about it is pure repression, and it causes me considerably more distress than any bout of uterine cramping.