March 12th, 2004


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Meme stolen from Cassandra Claire:

What do you know me as?

If you call me Jess, you're most people: friends, coworkers, and classmates in courses I like.

If you call me Jessica, you're family, a stranger, or a classmate in a course I don't like.

If you call me "the arc," "that diag," or "the line on the 45," you're a bandmate, probably one in authority.

If you call me Booger-head or "the sick puppy," you're my dad.

If you call me Tabbyclaw, you know me only via LiveJournal or Television Without Pity.

If you call me Tabby, you're a Snopester, someone from the Young Wizards boards, or a #wl-ite.

If you call me kitten, you're Jerm. Or creepy.