May 31st, 2004


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I Am Coyote
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Eh, feels kinda fitting.

Something weird happened the other night. It was a leap of the mind that made perfect dream-sense, except for the fact that I was completely awake. I was lying in bed mentally going over a couple scenes I was planning on writing. So my mental camera is high and off to the side as a mountain lion jumps at some anonymous guy's throat. (I didn't say they were cheery scenes.) This animal leaps on its target, then swings its head around to look me in the eye -- its massive, horselike skull with jaundiced, red-pupiled eyes. There were...veins, I guess, visible through some of the holes in its skull where one would expect them to be, but my limited knowledge of biology suggests that veins aren't orange. The man was still upright at the time, and I could just see the thing's forepaws resting on its shoulders. Skeletal, of course -- I'm sure its entire body would have been had I looked -- and closer to hands than anything else. Kind of like a chimpanzee's. I didn't exactly study the thing to get all these details; there was no sense of time at all. I just saw it in an instant, and it looked at me. No expression, which isn't surprising since its only features were eyes without even any lids, but it was most definitely not giving me a threatening look at all. It was barely even interested; it was just...looking. Sitting there with its eyes on me and -- here's the really odd part -- looking incredibly familiar. And then...nothing. That was the end of whatever weird mental filmstrip that was.

I don't know what to make of this. My brain throws things at me all the time, but this one just made me go "What. The hell." It's actually taken me several hours, on and off, just to try and describe this thing. I really don't know.