October 13th, 2004


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Dear nature,

Thank you for brightening my day today.

I was all set to be pissy and unpleasant after hitting every kind of ugly traffic and being late to class and then having to deal with my African Religions teacher babbling about marriage and the horrible things this generation has done to it, and also having a bit of a conflict with my mother and her inability to comprehend fandom, but this did not come to pass. When I got to the field, a bunch of people were standing under one of the trees and looking up, so I stopped to be nosy. Up in one of the low outlying branches, not ten feet off the ground, was a raptor (Hell if I know what kind; birds ain't my thing) enjoying lunch. It was such a perfect little scene that I was actually looking around for someone in falconer's gear until I realized the sad little mass of feathers it was nibbling on also had legs. It didn't appear to care that we were there, so we were all treated to a nice little look into the course of nature until the staff decided rehearsal was more important. THe fools.

Although I apparently came just to late to see it crap all over the trombone section leader. Poor guy doesn't deserve that.