November 24th, 2004


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I sprinted to my 9AM class this morning only to remember once I got there that it was cancelled. Go me. So, like any college student who's stuck on campus for an hour and a half in the morning would do, I hit the gigantic, well-funded research library and raided the kiddie lit section. Grabbed "Holes," "King of the Wind," "Weirdos of the Universe Unite!," and the original "Bambi." Finished "Holes" before I left campus (vastly overrated) and "King of the Wind" a little after I got home (a solid pile of plot contrivances, as always, but still charming). And then I hit the public library and picked up "Wee Free Men" and the Bromeliad trilogy. I also have "A Hat Full of Sky" and "Tithe" on hold. I've decided to be 10 until Christmas, at which point I hope to receive "The Stupidest Angel: A Tale of Christmas Horror." And also "Wise Child" and "Cormac," so possibly past Christmas. Ah, bliss.