November 25th, 2004


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So last week the house got robbed. I know I didn't post anything here, because that was at hte point where my immediate response was, "Was anyone hurt? Did they get the computers? No? I have two papers due and am going to work on them now, kthxbye." But the papers are done now and I have time to think, so I post. They got some electronics, mostly stuff that's more annoying to have to replace than anything, and some of Dad's not-terribly-rare coins. And every gun in the house but one. And they got into the house in the least convenient way possible (for them) and managed to get cut up and bleed all over everything. So not only do thieves have our guns, stupid thieves have our guns. Gaah.

But they missed one, and since it's the one Dad bought for my use, he brought me along to the range today when he went to replace one of the stolen ones. And I gotta say, as much as I don't picture myself ever feeling the need to own a gun, I like learning how to shoot, and it's a skill I'd rather have and never need than the other way around. Besides, I appear to be drawn to hobbies that have the potential to completely destroy my hearing.

And then I came home and read Bambi.

Now I won't completely rule out the possiblity that the afternoon I spent in the company of a bunch of stuffed heads desensetized me, but that was a really boring and stupid book. Much of it consists of other animals telling young Bambi, "Well, I'm busy and you're boring. Good-bye!" Can't say I blame them. The three messages of this book appear to be:
1. Humans are evil, especially humans who hunt. Bear in mind that in the time and place the book is set in, a lot of the people doing the hunting were out there in the woods so they didn't starve to death. Evil bastards.
2. Life is miserable, and the only way to survive is to cut yourself off from everyone else as much as possible.
3. The fact that humans can die just like animals is proof of the existence of God. I don't get it either.

Dear Disney: You're famous for taking classic stories and twisting them around until they no longer resemble the sorce material for the sake of telling a cuter story. This time around? Thank you.