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I know, I know, I suck at the whole "I'm gonna start updating more!" thing. I have excuses! Most of which do boil down to "I suck at this," granted, but they are excuses. There have been weather and learning-curve delays on the ponies, "I am working on a zillion projects at once and therefore the progress on them is visible only to me" delays on the knitting, and "I lost my camera for a while" delays on everything. But I found my camera and I have gotten a tiny bit of visible work done on some of my more spectacular projects, and thus here I am.

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Yeah, I know the ponies aren't everyone's bag. But there's at least one project that I know one of you is dying for an update on, and my million miles of garter stitch are well underway.

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This may come as a shock to you all...

...but I'm actually gonna try and talk in this journal. I know, it's revolutionary.

I don't have an interesting job, or an interesting personal life. I don't have that many deep thoughts. But dammit, I have one hell of a crafting life, and that certainly makes for a fun subject once you get me going. So this is the place I'm going to let myself do that. Knitting. (Jerm, look for an update on your scarf sometime soon!) A wee bit of cross-stitch. I'm still writing mostly fanfic (as always, drop me a line if you want to know where I'm posting that), but if I turn out any original short fiction I'll put it up here. Fanvids. And ponies. Oh, the ponies. I cannot post all my WIP photos tonight, as Photobucket is giving me crap, but watch this space.

Talking, on my journal. Imagine that.

Knitting Pattern: Godsend gauntlets

Godsend gauntlets, as modeled by my mother

Whether you love every second of Heroes or feel like it never recovered from its sophomore slump, you can't deny that the godsend symbol is an awesome design element. Now you can add that ubiquitous little S-curve to your wardrobe with this simple fingerless glove pattern. The cable is easily adapted to any pattern worked in the round, so feel free to go nuts on socks, sleeves, and any other garment you think could use a little mystery.

Pattern under the cutCollapse )

I aten't dead.

So yeah, been ages since I was here. I don't have anything particularly fascinating to say at the moment, but I'm going to be posting a knitting pattern soon, and I figured after all this time it would be a little odd to do that without having any sort of "real" content to go with it. So, quick recap of The State Of Me:

Still living at home.
Still in a crappy retail job, but it's a better crappy retail job. I finally gave PetSmart the finger at the beginning of December, and am currently doing stocking/merchandise maintenance at Albertsons. Better job, better management, better pay. I do miss some of the customers, though.
Both rats passed away from unrelated illnesses a couple months ago. Current pet count: Seven cats, two large dogs, two small dogs.
Still knitting my brains out (obviously). I'm on Ravelry, if I've got any fellow crafters looking in.
Still writing, almost exclusively fanfic at the moment. It's being posted, although under another name. On the off chance that you're interested, just ask.
Taking Vitamin D for the crazy, on my GP's recommendation. Hard to tell if it's helping; I started shortly before quitting my old job and eliminating my primary source of stress, but either way I feel okay more consistently now than I did for a good while.

There's probably more to say, but I can't think what it is at the moment.

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Bought a four-pack of Jones Soda last week. One of the things they're known for, aside from the weird labels and even weirder flavors, is having fortune cookie fortunes on the bottoms of the caps. I've downed the entire four-pack since, and the fortunes I got have me a little worried. In order:

"You will soon be crossing great waters."
"The tide of change approaches."
"You will be successful in competitive sports."
"On the first week of the next month, do something just for you."

...Note to self: When January rolls around, take swimming lessons.

Useless iTunes stats

Since January of 2007, I've purchased 153 songs off iTunes.

100 were part of full-album downloads, 7 albums total.
2 of those were replacements for albums I owned years ago on cassette.
4 were soundtracks.
1 was a total whim. (Idinia Menzel, "I Stand," totally worth it.)

Of the other 53:
34 I first heard on the traditional radio, most of which predate iTunes by a decade or more.
3 I found on Internet radio stations.
3 I discovered in the POA.
5 I had to buy after someone made an awesome fanvid on YouTube.
2 I first heard on the radio at work.
2 are from TV shows, for which they were written specifically.
3 are preexisting songs that I first heard in a TV show.
1 is from a commercial. Yes, the Liberty Mutual one.